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[VIDEO] Multifamily Investing: Louisville Value Add Deal

Talk a walk with Christopher Urso of URS Capital Partners through a classic and upgraded unit at our Louisville property. Don’t forget to sign up at http://urscapitalpartners.com to get the most recent updates and video…

Multifamily Forecast: Quarter Four

As the fourth quarter starts, and the weather finally cools off, it’s a good time to take a broad view of the multifamily market. I wanted to let you know what trends we seeing in a macro and micro sense.

2016 in Review:

According to Axiometrics, a leading multifamily data firm, in 2015 there was a national average rent hike of 4.5%. To close out the year in 2016, another very healthy…

Modern Portfolio Theory: The Cliff Notes Version

Modern portfolio theory suggests that a diversified portfolio is central to maximizing returns and minimizing risk. Within this approach, a 10 – 20% allocation into hard assets is an effective strategy to minimize risk to the overall portfolio. It assumes that the greater the risk, the greater chance at market reward. The theory then weighs this against an “efficient frontier” of diversity…

Multifamily Investing: Which Is The Best Exit Plan?

When we look at the potential of a property, we are always modeling out more than one exit plan. In the best-case scenario, an opportunistic sale due to an uptick in market activity can happen – we love that – but timing doesn’t always work that way.

It’s important to stay flexible, and not go into a deal with only one exit plan in mind.

Often the deal determines the approximate hold…

Direct VS. Indirect Multifamily Investing

Why not invest in a REIT?
In the past couple of weeks on the tail of BREXIT, we’ve all been watching the dramatic shifts in the market.

Savvy investors understand the importance of not solely relying on Wall St. for retirement planning. Real estate investing can take place both inside the stock market or independently; indirect vs direct investments respectively.

Indirect investing   …

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