Multifamily Forecast: Quarter Four

As the fourth quarter starts, and the weather finally cools off, it’s a good time to take a broad view of the multifamily market. I wanted to let you know what trends we seeing in a macro and micro sense.

2016 in Review:

According to Axiometrics, a leading multifamily data firm, in 2015 there was a national average rent hike of 4.5%. To close out the year in 2016, another very healthy…

[VIDEO] Apartment Investing: Building Your Team

Apartment investing is a team sport.

In this video, we will walk through the two types of teams; both foundational and…

[Video] Apartment Investing – How do I Get Started?

One of the questions that I get asked most often by both beginner and experienced investors that understand that multifamily investing just makes sense is:
How do I get started?
I hope this gives you a little insight to things to start to think about.

To get more information on our upcoming conference, click…

Tips on Selecting a Property Manager

Not all Property Managers are created equal – Here’s a quick tip on selecting the right one for your…

Chris Urso Multifamily Investing Tip on Inspections

On Site with Chris – Pre closing…

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